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All item and shipping prices are subject to change without notice. Shipping costs to international customers are assessed at the time of purchase.
No refunds, exchanges only (with receipt) with a minimum of 15% restocking fee, no returns after 30 days.  If items sharpened or repaired are not picked up within 30 days of notification of completion, unit will be disposed of.  All checks returned will be charged a $25.00 fee.  Unpaid balance after 30 days will be subject to 1 1/2% interest monthly or 18% interest annually.  Not responsible for injuries sustained from repaired, non-repaired and sharpened equipment. 
Since 1995 Whitman's has been providing the pet enthusiast and dog grooming shops with grooming supplies as well as an extensive sharpening service.  In recent years we have acquired several exclusive distibutorships such as Chris Christensen, Alvalley, and the Andis Authorized Service Center.  These companies are some of the most elite and most prominent that is present in the pet industry today.  Whitman's strives to provide the BEST products along with the BEST service possible.  We accomplish this at approximately 35-50 dog/trade shows annually within the Michigan/Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana/Illinois and Wisconsin area.  We also provide an enormous mobile sales and service to over 450 dog grooming shops in the Mid-Michigan area.  Along with this we provide an incredible 'through the mail' service where people mail in their items to be reconditioned.
Every year Whitman's mails the Chris Christensen catalog to thousands of customers nationwide. This year's 2015 catalog contains new items as well as those trusted items you know and love. Included in the catalog is our show dates, and detailed descriptions of the hundreds of products available. 
Click here to visit the Whitman's Chris Christensen pages.

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