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K9 Show Stopper dog coat & skin supplement is the all-in-one, money saving formula combining the best of the best natural supplements to give your dog a total physical makeover. Show Stopper improves coat, muscle, even mental function. 

Outside appearances reflect inside health: stunning coat, solid physique, rock solid joints and boundless energy that's so striking it literally stops the show! These coat and body benefits result from optimal inner health. These striking show dog improvements benefit pets too.
Ultra digestible ingredients: The highest quality human grade supplements are selected for ease of digestion and absorption. We even use "friendly" energy nutrients partially predigested for rapid, easy uptake. Pre/probiotics & enzymes further aid digestion.
Stronger muscles, stronger hips: studies reveal hip health directly relates to pelvic muscle mass development. The greater pelvic muscle mass & strength supporting hip joints, the lower the chance of CHD. Show Stopper improves lumbar muscle development, increasing odds of lifelong hip health. 
Show Stopper 4 lb jug
Show Stopper 1lb jug
Show Stopper 8lb jug
Great Bait 
Great Bait!® Roasted Beef Liver Dog Treats are made from restaurant quality beef  liver with No Preservatives. It is great for all types of  dog training and dog show competitors.

 Great Bait® will not crumble and it is not greasy. The handy individual pieces can  slip under your armband, or in your pockets. The semi-moist soft texture makes it ideal  for clicker training! 

Store in your freezer for several months.  Thawed pieces can be refrigerated for up to 2 days.


   Beef liver, wheat flour, wheat bran  and garlic. All from the USA

Whitman's Padded  Handle Dental Scaler's about time! We all have experienced slimy, slippery tools that have been very hard to handle and control..especially when the dog is fidgity. Fret no more! This rubberized padded handle eliminates all the those problems. Quality has always been on focus here at Whitman's. These tools are available, exclusively from Whitman's.  
A. Single-sided push/pull
B. Double-sided flat pusher
C. Double-sided boomerang