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Shipping costs are (on most items) estimated .  Actual shipping costs plus a small administrative fee will apply at the time of purchase.  
K9 Show Stopper dog coat & skin supplement is the all-in-one, money saving formula combining the best of the best natural supplements to give your dog a total physical makeover. Show Stopper improves coat, muscle, even mental function. 

Outside appearances reflect inside health: stunning coat, solid physique, rock solid joints and boundless energy that's so striking it literally stops the show! These coat and body benefits result from optimal inner health. These striking show dog improvements benefit pets too.
Ultra digestible ingredients: The highest quality human grade supplements are selected for ease of digestion and absorption. We even use "friendly" energy nutrients partially predigested for rapid, easy uptake. Pre/probiotics & enzymes further aid digestion.
Stronger muscles, stronger hips: studies reveal hip health directly relates to pelvic muscle mass development. The greater pelvic muscle mass & strength supporting hip joints, the lower the chance of CHD. Show Stopper improves lumbar muscle development, increasing odds of lifelong hip health. 
Young At Heart Longevity & Anti Aging supplement contains nutritional factors suggested in research to produce anti-aging and longevity benefits. You can't change your dog's age. But to a degree never before possible, you can help your dog regain key aspects of youth. Young At Heart is designed to add more years to your dog's life and add more life to your dog's years. 
Support eye & heart health- antioxidants lutein, zeaxanthin and other related phyto-factors have been demonstrated to support macular (eye) health. Co Q10, ribose and others may assist heart function in older animals. 

Older dogs 
Older aging athletes 
Reverse muscle loss 
Boost metabolism 
Better digestion & absorption 
Cognitive function 
Eye & heart health

Show Stopper 4 lb bottle
Show Stopper 7 lb bag
Show Stopper 15 lb bag
Young at Heart 1 lb can
Benefits of Ultra Oil for Pets 

When supplementing oils to your pet’s diet it is very important to watch the ratio of 
Omegas 3,6 & 9 and to include all three in the diet. 

When using a super premium, natural or holistic commercial food they generally contain a balanced ratio of Omega 6 and 3’s, but many do not contain important omega 9’s in their diets at all. Ultra Oil for Pets blend has been carefully formulated in the proper ratios and so it can be used in conjunction with a better commercial dog foods and homemade diets and not disrupt the ratio balance. 

Omega-6 and Omega-3 are Essential Fatty Acids involved with producing life's energy. Pets often have a dietary deficiency in Essential Fatty Acids due to a high intake of animal fats. These Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids can promote skin and coat health, including relief of skin dryness, dandruff and psoriasis caused by a lack of high-quality Essential Fatty Acids. Omega Fatty Acids are thought to help both skin and coat by improving cell membrane function-essentially lubricating skin tissue from the inside. Proper levels of Essential Fatty Acids are also associated with mood and mental function and necessary in helping to prevent debilitating diseases such as cancer.  

Ultra Oil for Pets is composed of the best nutrients nature can provide. Our Primary ingredient Hempseed Oil is a perfect balance of Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9. Next we have added Omega-6 rich Flaxseed Oil which is then balance with Omega-3 rich Fish Oil followed by Grapeseed oil to help naturally preserve and act as a all natural antioxidant. GMO-Free, Gluten-free, Herbicide & Pesticide free. Excellent source of essential fatty acids including Omega 3, 6 and GLA

Lower blood LDL cholesterol levels Lower blood pressure 
Improve cardiovascular circulation & function
Improve organ function
Improve immunity levels 
Increased energy levels & metabolic rate 
Reduce inflammation and the symptoms of arthritis 
Reduce & treat dry skin and hair conditions 
Reduction of many degenerative diseases through preventative measures 
GMO-Free, Gluten-free, Herbicide & Pesticide free
No THC and Tryspin inhibitor free 
Hemp products have a wonderful nutty flavor 

UltraOil  32 ounce  $37.99
UltraOil for Pets
UltraOil  1 gallon  $124.99
Great Bait 
Great Bait!® Roasted Beef Liver Dog Treats are made from restaurant quality beef  liver with No Preservatives. It is great for all types of  dog training and dog show competitors.

 Great Bait® will not crumble and it is not greasy. The handy individual pieces can  slip under your armband, or in your pockets. The semi-moist soft texture makes it ideal  for clicker training! 

Store in your freezer for several months.  Thawed pieces can be refrigerated for up to 2 days.


   Beef liver, wheat flour, wheat bran  and garlic. All from the USA
Quilted Puppy Pads

Absorbent and Reusable


Breeders tell us that one of our pads replaces more than 100 disposable pads, and ours are more absorbent!
Washable 100's of times.
ProVet Logic
ProVetLogic Animal Care Spray & Wipe Disinfectant, Cleaner and Deodorizer for the Home and Business effectively kills Canine Parvovirus. 
ULTRA SKIN THERAPY MEDICATED SHAMPOO. One 16 ounce bottle provides immediate relief from scratching, flaking and odor caused by insect-bite irritations and other non-specific skin disorders. STOPS SCRATCHING WITH THE FIRST TREATMENT! 
$10.50        12oz bottle
$12.99    32oz bottle

Whitman's Padded  Handle Dental Scaler's about time! We all have experienced slimy, slippery tools that have been very hard to handle and control..especially when the dog is fidgity. Fret no more! This rubberized padded handle eliminates all the those problems. Quality has always been on focus here at Whitman's. These tools are available, exclusively from Whitman's.  
A. Single-sided push/pull
B. Double-sided flat pusher
C. Double-sided boomerang