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Whitman Sharpening and Repair
391 S. Webber Street, Farwell, MI  48622
Shipping costs are (on most items) estimated greater than actual.  Actual shipping costs plus a small administrative fee will apply at the time of purchase.  
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Shipping costs are (on most items) estimated greater than actual.  Actual shipping costs plus a small administrative fee will apply at the time of purchase.  

Whitman's Dilution Bottle
The new Whitman dilution bottle is finally here. With it's new sleek and slender design it fits in your hand with ease. Designed for smaller hands, it is  a bottle that you don't have to squeeze hard to to get your desired amount of product out. Also, notice the dilution lines are on the CORRECT part of the bottle (less suds!!). Add warm water first, then add your shampoo! 
$3.00 ea.
Whitman's Flippinship Boxes
This is how it works:

A:    Purchase the Flippinship box for $5.00
B:    When you ship your first order to Whitman's $75.00 or more worth of sharpening (with original $5.00 purchase receipt) Whitman's         will credit your order for the $5.00 purchase price of the Flippinship box.
C:    A free sample of shampoo (varying varieties or equivalent product) will be included with each order sent back to the customer using         the Flippinship box.
D:    Free return shipping if customer sends us $100.00 or more worth of sharpening.
E:    We encourage all shipments to Whitman's using the Flippinship box to include their business card.  These business cards will be         collected throughout the year.  An annual drawing (late December) will be held at the Whitman's facility (need not to be present to         win) for one $150.00 Gift Card for purchases to be made at Whitman's.  Obviously, the more times you send your items to us using         the Flippinship box...the more business cards you will have in the drawing..the more chances to win.

If you desire to send your items for repair in a NON-Flippinship problem.  If you send in over $75.00 worth of sharpening Whitman's will supply you with a complimentary Flippinship box to use for your subsequent orders.  
$5.00 each
Whitman's ships dozens of packages out everyday. Throughout our 22 years we have strived to make shipping easier, more effective, and safer for your equipment. The new Flippinship box does just that.

  If you desire to have optimal protection for your equipment then the Flippinship box is the answer. We made it EASY for you to use...and to ship! To top it off....we have made it available to you at little or NO COST!   To make it EVEN BETTER ...YOU GET FREE STUFF FOR JUST USING THE FLIPPINSHIP BOX!!!
Endorsed by: Chris Christensen, Andis, and Oster 

Each box has the capacity for (23) clipper blades and (8) 10 inch scissors.
If you use this box to ship to Whitman's you could win $150.00 annually!!!
Secret Weapon
32 oz.
Available in 5 sizes:  32 oz., 16 oz., 8 oz., 4 oz., 1.5oz.
16 oz.
​8 oz.
1 liter
The AMAZING hydrating shampoo additive for dogs, cats and horses. 
4 oz.
 250 ml
50 ml
1.5 oz.
Truly, an impressive product.  Raving reviews!  Add to your shampoo..then use shampoo as normal (even in a bathing system).  Secret Weapon can be used as a spray before/after bath on tough knots.