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Introducing the first and only pet safe blade wash.  It’s the professional’s choice for a multi-purpose formula that cleans and lubricates grooming equipment 

Clipper blades, especially those used with animals, operate in a rugged environment.  Generally, the clipper blades are not cleaned between use.  This practice leaves hair debris in and on the clipper blades.  This debris often contains bacteria which passes from one person or animal to the next when using the same clipper blades.  In addition, during operation, clipper blade heat builds up unless a suitable lubricate is applied to the clipper blades. Finally, unless the clipper blades are properly maintained, rust and corrosion along with deposit buildup may harm blades, dull the cutting edge, and reduce the overall useful life of the clipper blades. 

Why should I use Redip?
Safely Cleans clipper blades and scissors of harmful debris which contain bacteria
Safely Lubricates equipment reducing blade heat
Extends life of the sharpened edge which reduces the need for excessive sharpening

Directions for use
Store clipper blades in the Redip solution indefinitely...before/during/after use.
Immerse or Dip clipper blades in Redip solution while clipping
Remove excess Redip with absorbent towel before clipping

Available in 16oz.  US Patent #7,595,287 B2
16 oz. bottle

The blade wash caddy holds up to 10 blades.  Insert is removable for easy cleaning.   When the Redip solution in bottom of caddy becomes cloudy with hair and debris simply remove the insert, wipe out the bottom with a towel, and fill with new Redip.  If, while cleaning the caddy, soap and water are used, it is extremely important to assure that ALL the soap and water are removed from the caddy before refilling with Redip.   Available in black only.
Do not mix Redip with any other blade wash/storage solutions
The blade wash caddy is an extremely effective tool that if used properly, in conjunction with the Redip, can prolong the lifespan of your clipper blades immensely. 
-Fill using the Redip up to the bottom line in the caddy. If caddy has been used and has contained other blade wash/storage solutions  clean entire caddy thoroughly before filling with Redip!
-Insert the clipper blades in the caddy with the teeth pointing down, the clipper blades can stay submerged in the Redip solution indefinitely (for many years). A corrosion/wear preventative has been added to prevent rust and corrosion
-Wipe off excess Redip with an absorbant towel prior to usage
-Brush/blow out blades before re-inserting the blades back into the caddy
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US Patent # 7,595,287 B2
Redip is proudly made in the USA
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4 oz. bottle